Theses rehearsals

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BP-DP-rehearsals – LS20172018

Bachelors and masters 2017

June 8, 13-16, KN:G-205
each talk 8-10 minutes, then questions and feedback for presenters, together 15-20 minutes for one student-block. There is still space for more, contact Tomáš Svoboda.

  • Jirků Michal, Advanced localization methods for ground robots using WiFi signals
  • Zlámal Vít, Virtual Bumper for Tracked Ground Robot from Depth Data
  • Kunc Vladimír, Deep neural network for satellite image classification using Open Street Maps
  • Krátký Vít, Prediktivní řízení a stabilizace formace helikoptér pro filmování v šeru
  • Novák Tomáš, Lokalizace bezpilotní helikoptéry analýzou optického toku v obraze
  • Bayer Jan, Autonomní lokalizace šestinohého kráčejícího robotu
  • Musilová Simona, Wind field measurement in urban area using unmanned aircraft
  • Štibinger Petr, Lokalizace zdroje radiace formací bezpilotních helikoptér
  • Petráček Pavel, Decentralizovaný model rojového chování Boids v ROS

Bachelors 2015

June 15, 14-17, KN:G-205
each talk 10 minutes, then questions and feedback for presenters.

  • Daniel Heřt, Relatively Stabilized Unmanned Helicopters Led by Dynamic Virtual Leader, pdf.
  • Jiří Fiedler, Synchronized Control of Group of Helicopters Using Direct Communication, pdf.
  • Jakub Chmel, SW and HW Integration of an IP PTZ Camera onto a Mobile Outdoor Robot, pdf
  • Petr Všetečka, Navigation and Stabilization of Swarms of Micro Aerial Vehicles in Complex Environment, pdf
  • Martin Klučka, User Interface and Failure Detection for Support of Multi-MAV Experiments, pdf
  • Martin Hobza, Multiple Trajectory Smoothing for Teams of Closely Cooperating Micro Aerial Vehicles pdf