CTU-CRAS team with the robots at the Tunnel Circuit

CTU-CRAS team with the robots at the Tunnel Circuit



In the Tunnel-Circuit, we finished 3rd among 11 teams, and 1st among teams without DARPA funding winning thus the prize award, see the DARPA official anouncement.

We thank project Research Center Informatics (RCI) for its generous support, RoboSense for lending us their Lidar, JettyVision for helping us to keep our tracked robots operational, NORLab for helping with the mapping, and also to our departments Cybernetics and Computer Science for their excellent admin support and inspiring working environment. And thanks also go to EU for its support of NIFTi and TRADR project because we learned a lot what we need at the Challenge, now. We thank also to our colleagues from the Robotic perception group at CIIRC for sharing the tracked robots with us and long cooperation.

Check the tweets for some impressions from the event.

Data: we collected quite a number of bag-files. Look, download and play.

Media coverage: Czech TV [Studio 6 2019-09-12, Udalosti-News, for download 2019-09-11], Lupa.cz, …

Our team CTU-CRAS qualified to the STIX event of DARPA SubTerranean Challenge. We plan to go to all phases of the system track.

Students participation welcome. Projects, Bachelor, Diploma theses. Come and see us at our labs: VRAS, MRS, ComRob.

STIX impressions

Flying inside the mine and above it:

A mapping and detection run:

More words, photos, at MRS group page.

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