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Center successful in securing new funding

CRAS members were very successful in securing new funding from the Czech Science Foundation. The following three-years projects start 01/2017:

  • K. Zimmermann. Robust motion planning and control on rough unstructured terrain.
  • M. Hoffmann. Robot self-calibration and safe physical human-robot interaction inspired by body representations in primate brains
  • M. Saska. Stabilization and control of teams of relatively-localized micro aerial vehicles in high obstacle density areas
  • M. Saska. Methods of Identification and Visualization of Tunnels for Flexible Ligands in Dynamic Proteins
  • T. Krajník: Spatio-temporal representations for lifelong mobile robot navigation

GA ČR Project – Efficient Information Gathering with Dubins Vehicles in Persitent Monitoring and Surveillance Missions

A new project funded by Czech Science Foundations has been awarded to Jan Faigl a member of CRAS. This basic research project for 2016-2018 aims to investigate properties of efficient solutions for information gathering with non-holonomic vehicles in problems motivated by persitent monitoring and surveillance missions.