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Recent publications

CRAS members were quite successful in publishing latest results.

IROS2018 papers:

  • Miloš Prágr, Petr Čížek, Jan Faigl: Cost of Transport Estimation for Legged Robot Based on Terrain Features Inference from Aerial Scan, IROS 2018.
  • Petr Čížek, Jiří Kubík, Jan Faigl: Online Foot-Strike Detection using Inertial Measurements for Multi-Legged Walking Robots, IROS 2018.
  • Petr Váňa, Jakub Sláma, Jan Faigl: Any-time Trajectory Planning for Safe Emergency Landing, IROS 2018.
  • T. Krajník, F. Majer, L. Halodová, and Tomáš: Navigation without localisation: reliable teach and repeat based on the convergence theorem, in IROS, 2018.
  • F.Arvin, A.E.Turgut, T.Krajnı́k, S.Rahimi, I.E.Okay, S.Yue, S.Watson, B.Lennox: ΦClust: Pheromone-based Aggregation for Robotic Swarms, In IROS, 2018.

in IEEE RA-L and to be presented at IROS2018:

  • Martin Pecka, Karel Zimmermann, Matěj Petrlík, Tomáš Svoboda. Data-driven Policy Transfer with Imprecise Perception Simulation.
  • L Kunze, N Hawes, T Duckett, M Hanheide, T Krajnik: Artificial Intelligence for Long-Term Robot Autonomy: A Survey.

IROS2017 papers:

  • Lukáš Chrpa, Jose Pinto, Tiago Sa Marques, Manuel A. Ribeiro, Joao Sousa: Mixed-Initiative Planning, Replanning and Execution: From Concept to Field Testing using AUV Fleets
  • Jan Faigl, Robert Pěnička: On Close Enough Orienteering Problem with Dubins Vehicle
  • Petr Čížek, Diar Masri, Jan Faigl: Foothold Placement Planning with a Hexapod Crawling Robot
  • Martin Pecka, Karel Zimmermann, Tomáš Svoboda. Fast Simulation of Vehicles with Non-deformable Tracks. arXiv PDF

We also got an oral presentation at ICCV2017, arguably the most prestigious computer vision conference: K. Zimmermann, T. Petricek, V. Salansky, T. Svoboda. Learning for Active 3D Mapping. arXiv PDF, DemoVideo.

We also have a few new journal publications:

MBZIRC robotic challenge victory

Our team (also Uni Lincoln and UPenn involved) led by Martin Saska won the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotic Challenge (MBZIRC) – Challenge 3 that required a team of UAVs to collaborate to search, locate, track, pick and place a set of static and moving objects. The team also took 2nd place in Challenge 1 – landing on a moving platform and 3rd in the Grand Challenge – after joining University of Padua.

A more detailed story in Czech; with more photos. Czech TV news